Interview with Somojo Magazine!

Here is a link to my recent interview (2010) with Somojo Magazine, an independent creative arts and music publication based in Europe. Check it out.

Corexit 9500

Modeled in Zbrush, final rendering in Photoshop.
Commentary on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ancient Woman

3-D Model in Zbrush of an ancient warrior queen.

Climbing Frog Animation

Climbing frog animation. Completed in the same
fashion as the jumping frog.

Jumping Frog Animation

Animation created for a documentary which screened 
at the 2010 Sarasota Film Festival. Frames were 
hand drawn, then colored in Photoshop and imported
into Flash.

Bimini Moonrise

Digital Photoshop painting with Wacom stylus


Character concept art for an original screenplay/television adaptation I am working on.

Tree frog

Digital painting of a tree frog. An unused animation still from a sequence I created for a documentary, which screened at the2010 Sarasota Film Festival. Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom digital stylus.

Cabarnet Sauvignon Bottle Label



Acrylics and brush.

Sarasota Boxing Club Mural

In order to help out the Sarasota Boxing club, which was established in the early 1980's, I donated my time and effort to creating a mural on the blank facades of the club's new home. My aim was to help bring more public awareness to the boxing club, which has been an important community presence in the lives of countless Sarasota residents since it's founding.

Many hours were spent, day and night, working with a single ladder, and a peak C-5 detailing airbrush. With the help of a friend on geometrical layout, and the support of members of the boxing club, the mural was, primarily, a solo undertaking with regards to the art making process.

The mural was created in black and white due to the fact that a company that pledged to donate paint for the project did not follow through with the materials. With few resources for multi-spectrum paint, the project took on a retro look.

Special thanks to coach Harold Wilen, President of the Sarasota Boxing Club, and everyone at the club for making this project possible, as well as all the individuals who helped along the way!

Sarasota Boxing Club Mural

Airbrushed gloves: front facade of the Sarasota Boxing club.

Completed mural. "The War".

Legendary boxer Roberto Duran, with nimbus (your photo here).

Another classic fight & world champion Jack Johnson.


North wall before painting began.

Phase one: sketching out the basic elements with black paint.

Phase two: working on second panel.

Phase three. A work in progress (highlights added)

Angels & Demons Door

This door was painted for an arts event in association with the Anna Maria Art League and Cultural Connections. The door will be auctioned on November 15th, 2009 to benefit the Manatee Performing Arts Center and Cultural Connections. More info:

The door itself is an antique, skeleton-key lock door, from an early 20th century Florida island household. This and other doors were given to artists for the event. The door was painted with an airbrush, using a monochromatic complimentary color schematic (orange and blue) to emphasize the contrasting imagery on both sides of the door. On one side, an angel appears in a moment of grace. Another angel, or elemental spirit appears in the panel beneath. On the other side, wraith-like dragon and demon forms appear in a claustrophobic void. A humanoid face is present here, peering out at the viewer. Below all this, a dragon clutches an orb, the counterpart of the elemental on the opposite side of the door. On both sides, the borders of the main inset panel areas feature a number of hidden faces and other elements.

Angels & Demons Door (Demons)

Angels & Demons Door (Angels)

2012 Cosmic Vision Art-Case Piano

The 2012 Cosmic Vision Art Case Piano was created in the Spring of 2009, and is currently on display at Ringling College of Art & Design.

This early 20th century Beckwith baby grand carries an etheric tone and is covered with original imagery. This senior thesis project is the first art-case piano created in the history of Ringling College.

The media used on the piano includes acrylics, pen and ink and colored pencil, as well as 18kt. gold leaf.

The piano and artist were featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune on Sunday, June 14th, 2009. Read the full article at:


2012 Cosmic Vision Art Case Piano

Green Dragon

Graphite, Photoshop

Basilisk Attack

Graphite, Photoshop

Flailin' Palin by Dann Hurlburt

Flailin' Palin

One stiff cold uncomfortable fish out of water,
pressed against the fine white linen service of life.

copyright 2008 Dann Hurlburt

Mirabai in Contemplation


Dragon Sketch

Pencil on Paper, Photoshop

Paradox I




Green Bowl

Oil on Sheetrock Wall-Panel

"Flailin' Palin" by Dann Hurlburt

Flailin' Palin

One stiff cold uncomfortable fish, out of water,
pressed against the fine white linen service of life.

copyright 2008 Dann Hurlburt


Mixed Media on Board

Cloud Demons


Tiger Burst


Guitar by Candlelight

Corel Painter X